Julia Blair Goes Solo With Feminist Anthem “Relax”

You may know Julia Blair from her vocals for the Wisconsin-based Country-Rock group Dusk, who released their self-titled debut album on Don Giovanni Records in 2018, however, you might also know her as part of the experimental Folk-collective Holy Sheboygan! or even as co-founder of the Crutch of Memory Enterprises label and recording studio. 

This February, Blair will be releasing her first official full length solo album on Crutch of Memory, Better Out Than In. Ahead of that, you can hear her lead single Relax,” a 90’s-esque Pop song. “Relax” is a “feminist anthem standing up to the frustrating sexism Julia has faced both in the music industry and in her personal life”. 

“Relax” is accompanied by a DIY music video directed by Art Kohl-Riggs:

On the track, Blair shares: 

“I started writing this song in the car when I was pissed off for being blown off by a young man our band was collaborating with who would not talk to me about the project and kept insisting on funneling all communication through one of the men in our band. Also, right around the same time, I had a weird experience with an older man who tried to start a romantic relationship with me in the most roundabout, unspoken about way.”

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