‘Circle Of Celebration’ Collab Releases “Hari Ram” Video Focusing On “Sacred Geometry”

A video has been released for “Hari Ram”, which is a performance from Circle Of Celebration, an album collaboration between composer Christopher Bono’s NOUS ensemble, ambient music mainstay Laraaji and fellow sound healing musician Arji OceAnanda. The video was created by Ben Heim, an Australian audiovisual artist and composer currently based in New York City.

Heim had this to say about the “Hari Ram” video:

“For the Hari Ram video I sought to channel the sacred nature of these chants with imagery grounded in concepts of sacred geometry, flowing energy and fractals. Paramount to me was the interrelated nature of all the elements which combine to make this video; the abstract visuals are tracked to the studio footage, while various components are audio reactive, morphing and shifting in time with the music. “

Heim’s work spans contemporary classical music, film scoring, video art, crypto art + NFTs, live immersive experiences, audiovisual installations + performances, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Circle Of Celebration is the fourth and final album to emerge from the NOUS: A Musical Rite recording sessions that took place at Dreamland Studios, in Hurley NY. The album is released by Our Silent Canvas as digital download and via streaming services.

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