Cirith Ungol’s ‘Frost And Fire’ Gets A 40th Anniversary Multi-Format Edition

Originally released on Halloween 1981, Cirith Ungol’s landmark album, Frost and Fire, is celebrating a 40th anniversary in these last days of 2021. To do the album justice, it’s getting a special, multi-format re-issue package out now from Metal Blade. The album was originally released on the then little-known band’s own Liquid Flames Record imprint, thereby changing the direction of Heavy Metal music.

Frost and Fire is available in an array of formats: Firstly as a 2 CD digibook with 20-page booklet on all digital platforms, and secondly, a 2 LP set with 8-page vinyl booklet. All of these editions include both the 40th anniversary remix of the album and the album remastered from the original analog tapes. US vinyl variants will be available in 2 colors: leaf green marbled, and Midnight blue marbled. European versions will have 5 variants: 180g black, camouflage green marbled, light grey marbled, golden yellow marbled, and silver.

Culled from the Cirith Ungol’s private archives, a special limited-edition hardbound 50-page book will also be available, including rare photos, flyers and memorabilia, as well as detailed liner notes and essays by the band. This artbook will be packaged with 4 CDs and 2 LPs (including all material from the regular editions), plus 2 additional CDs containing 14 demos of the album tracks and bonus content, including interview, radio drops, answering machine tapes, and phone calls.

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