Charley Pride Biopic In The Works From Dennis Quaid’s Bonniedale Production Company

Dennis Quaid, along with Laura Quaid and Ben Howard, are launching a new production company, Bonniedale, whose first project will be a feature film biopic of Charley Pride, titled American Pride, made in partnership with producer Craig Brewer and Third Coast Content. The screenplay is being written by Dianne Houston and Brewer will direct and Produce.

American Pride is slated to capture Pride’s early days as a minor league ballplayer and his rise to become the first African American Country Music superstar. The film will also focus on the love story between Charley and his wife, Rozene, as well as his entrepreneurship during a challenging time in American culture.           

Dianne Houston comments:

“Charley Pride was more than a superstar, icon or legend. Charley was a beautifully talented man who believed with his entire heart in the greatness of the American dream, and was determined to claim his place within it. With all of the talk today about what is and is not American, Charley Pride’s life story is a reminder to us all of what being an American is all about.”

Dennis Quaid also discusses the goals of Bonniedale (a name derived from Quaid’s mother’s middle name) now and in future:

“As an actor, I have always gravitated toward roles of the underdog—the person who achieves great things against even greater odds. I think all of us are drawn to stories of people who are willing to get up, again and again, to do whatever it takes to finally break through. We love to cheer for the fighter, the underdog, the hopeful dreamer. In many ways, this is my own life. That’s why I’m excited to turn my attention to BONNIEDALE, where we will find and drive stories that are meaningful and that matter.”

Photo Credit to Derrek Kupish

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