Watch The Delines Brew Country-Soul Live In “Past The Shadows” Video

[Cover photo credit to Summer Luu]

Portland, Oregon-based Country-Soul group The Delines have released a second single and video from their upcoming album, The Sea Drift, which will be released on February 11, 2022 via their new American label home Jealous Butcher Records. The new single, “Past The Shadows” is accompanied by a music video of the full band performing the song in the studio, highlighting the backing instrumentation that serves as the bedrock for their sound as well as Amy Boone’s vocal performance.

Speaking on his inspirations for “Past The Shadows”, songwriter Willy Vlautin says:

I was thinking about that self-destructive dream of never having to live like anyone else, of not having to be a part of regular society. That pull of living like a vampire, the romance of it, the freedom of it, but also the darkness of it. We wanted the song to be a seduction itself, easy and catchy, warm and velvety but underneath is a world of scars and failure.”

The Sea Drift is the first new material recorded by The Delines since Amy Boone was in a very serious car accident in 2016 that hospitalized her for multiple years and delayed the completion of their 2019 album The Imperial until Amy was able to finish recording the already mostly completed record.

Speaking of Boone’s contributions to the album, Willy Vlautin says:

“‘The Sea Drift’ sessions were also the first time since Amy had been injured that she felt strong and confident in the studio, and you can really hear it on this record. There’s strength to her voice, the strength of someone who’s overcome a lot of trauma and pain.”

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