Spaceface Crafts Disco Romance With Single & Video For “Rain Passing Through”

Memphis / Los Angeles Psych-Pop band Spaceface have unveiled a duet with new single + videoRain Passing Throughft. Mikaela Davis off their upcoming album Anemoia, out January 28 via Mothland. It even comes with its own signature cocktail recipe. The new single follows on from previous singles “Long Time (ft. LABRYS),” “Happens All The Time,” “Earth In Awe,” and “Piña Collider”, the latter featuring samples and choir vocals from actual CERN scientists.

Jake Ingalls (formerly of The Flaming Lips) delves into the new track:

“It’s about fleeting moments you have between former or future lovers in passing turbulent times, knowing that you probably shouldn’t take shelter within each other, but knowing that it’s okay to feel good and safe together even if it’s as ephemeral as the rain passing through on a stormy night.”

The single’s accompanying video is a collaboration between Ingalls, Erika Mugglin & Mac Hanson and “sheds a psychedelic light on a love triangle” using a combination of stock footage, pieces from Hanson’s personal archives, and some home-grown performance footage.

Upcoming album Anemoia is the result of several months spent at Blackwatch Studios in 2019, where the band worked with producer Jarod Evans (Sufjan Stevens, BRONCHO) writing new material inspired by Funk Rock classics and the turn of the millennium psychedelia revival.

Here’s that cocktail recipe:

Rain Passing Through (similar to a daiquiri)

  •  2 oz Papa’s Pilar 7 rum
  • .75 oz lime juice
  • .75 simple syrup
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