The Wrens’ Kevin Whelan Returns To Music With New Project Aeon Station And Sub Pop Album ‘Observatory’

[Cover photo credit to Ebru Yildiz]

Following his return to music after more than a decade, Kevin Whelan (The Wrens) of Aeon Station has released another single, “Fade”, offering a look at his upcoming debut album Observatory being released on December 10, 2021 via Sub Pop.

Whelan released “Queens” last month, the first single from Observatory, and followed this with “Leaves”. More than a decade in the making, Observatory is an album “about the perseverance of the soul, not scared of vulnerability but not backing down to adversity either.”

The album “pushes forward” from his previous sound with The Wrens and displays help on assorted tracks from his Wrens bandmates Jerry MacDonald (drums) and Greg Whelan (guitar) and producer/guitarist Tom Beaujour.

Whelan comments on his songwriting:

“It’s the best I’ve done and may ever do frankly. It’s written over such a long period of my life. Music I did in the past was tinged with expectations or presumptions, but this time, it was just for me.”

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