Flora Cash’s Video For “A Good Childhood” Hints At Their Families’ Struggles

Indie Pop duo flora cash have released their video for the track A good childhood from their recently released album our generation. In the video, Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj imagine a peaceful childhood in each other’s company. The album is available now via the Swedish/American band’s own Flower Money Records. A limited-edition line of our generation fashion is available exclusively right here. The physical versions of the album are planned for Spring 2022.

Cole Randall introduces the video:

“This video is really close to our hearts. It’s close to autobiographical and sort of portrays us as kids. But of course in real life, Shpresa was all the way in Kosovo while I was in Minnesota. But it’s kind of asking the question: what if we had met when we were 10? So, Shpresa is almost like an imaginary friend to me in this video. And there are some little Easter eggs throughout the video that people might pick up on as well.”

our generation includes recently released tracks “soul mate,” “feeling so down,” “the bright lights,” “we used to laugh / 9 to 9,” and “a good childhood”.

Randall and Lleshaj have commented openly on their unusual meeting and the way in which the musical duo came together, but it’s less known that they both had “difficult and unordinary childhoods”. Lleshaj’s family escaped the war in Kosovo. She and two other siblings, led by her mother and father, made their way north across the entirety of Europe; sometimes walking hours through fields through the night before finally arriving and settling in, what was for them, a sort of promised land, in Sweden.

In the States, Randall’s father was incarcerated when he was young. His mother worked her way through college and it was Cole’s grandfather who became his de facto father, whose advice that he should “aim high…cause 99 percent of the people never really live before they die,” is repeated throughout “a good childhood.”  

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