Jogïr Turns Quarter-Life Crisis Into Synth-Pop Album ‘Neon’

Jogïr is a Miami-based, Philly-bred Synth-Pop artist, also known as Rigoberto Colón-Cendán. His debut album, Neon, will be arriving on November 12, 2021 on all major streaming platforms. The album follows the release of singles “Fatalist,” “Headlight Mist,” and today’s arrival, Easy,” which form the foundation of a concept album that has been four years in the making for the artist.

“Easy” is described as an “upbeat, dancey, comforting, disco-inflected alternative to the album’s pessimistic throughlines”.

Jogïr says about the album, “I like to call it the soundtrack to my quarter-life crisis from hell.” The album tells a “surrealistic version” of the events that occurred after the artist graduated from university in 2017 and found himself living at home with his parents while stuck in a dead-end job. This was “a far cry from the promising life he had envisioned for himself”. Retro music and visual art helped him create a route to “channeling that energy creatively through writing, producing, and recording”. And you can definitely trace some of those retro elements in the songs on Neon themselves.

While the bulk of the record was crafted in the artist’s native Pennsylvania, he finds it fitting that the album was ultimately released from his new home: Miami, which he associates with “the vintage glow of the 1980s”.

You can also check out “Fatalist” below:

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