Watch Mackenzie Shivers’ Wes Anderson-Inspired Video For “Butterscotch”

Mackenzie Shivers has released a Wes Anderson-inspired music video for her single “Butterscotch”. The song was produced by Kevin Salem and is found on her 2021 LP, Rejection Letter. The video was directed by Lâle Teoman, shot in the director’s native Australia, and stars Madeline Baghurst in the role of Shivers.

Mackenzie Shivers comments on the song and video:

“Butterscotch” is a song that is very special to me. The film is a surreal, dreamlike take on the opening line “I’m so goddamn lonely I visit the corners of my mind. The song is one of contrasts – wanting to feel special while yearning to feel less alone – and I love how filmmaker Lâle Teoman juxtaposes humor and playfulness with dark undertones. Feeling two conflicting things at once is very human, and I’m consistently trying to embrace that. Lâle shot this in her homeland of Australia, and her good friend and actor Madeline Baghurst is a redhead, so we thought it would be really fun if she played me in the video, leaning into that theatrical vibe.”

Coming up soon, you’ll also find Shivers performing live at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 on November 6th.

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