Night Palace Wants You To Enter A Dreamspace And “Enjoy The Moon!”

[Cover photo credit to Caroline Marchildon]

Night Palace’s latest single “Enjoy The Moon!” was inspired by a particular moment in frontwoman Avery Draut’s experience on tour. It leads up to their new album, Diving Rings, which will be released on February 22nd, 2022, by Park the Van.

Draut sets the scene:

“I was half-sleeping on someone’s shoulder while watching a curtain of fruit-shaped beads dangle in the breeze of a fan backstage. I loved plastic beaded curtains when I was a kid, and I set this song in the dreamspace that alchemized between my memories and that moment.”

The single “Enjoy the Moon!” has an accompanying video co-directed by Draut and Ally White. Draut and White collaborated on concepts for the video during the early stages of the pandemic and it depicts “an alien-like fever dream encounter” alongside an aesthetic and story shaped by Ally White’s paintings and storytelling. You’ll notice nods to the worlds of Romeo + Juliet (the 1996 movie) and Star Trek.

Draut has a background in opera performance and has composed music for experimental theater, as well as working production at The Metropolitan Opera.

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