Dolly Dagger Releases “Mini Horror Film” For Single “Say What You Wanna”

[Cover photo credit to Erin Naifeh]

Australian-born and Los-Angeles based artist Dolly Dagger has released new single “Say What You Wanna” today, on October 22nd, and it’s going to feel very relatable if you’ve ever had to move on from a friendship that went sour. But it’s a song that also “outlines modern ways to end old friendships”.

Dolly Dagger comments:

“Friendships can be just as hard to navigate as relationships. This song is about letting it all go, moving on and cutting the dead weight loose.”

Dolly Dagger also produced, self-shot and edited a horror-style music video in which she has to dispose of a body “that works as a perfect metaphor for the emotion behind a longtime friendship fallout”. The video and song also feature guitarist, friend and composer Jesse McInturff, who worked on the track.

Dolly Dagger adds:

“It took me two years to dig this metaphorical grave, but only two seconds in music video time. Burying a friendship can be hard. Sometimes you think you’ve moved on but you haven’t, so you have to do those little symbolic things for yourself like unfollowing or blocking. No current feelings were hurt in the making of this video, people come and people go. Either way, it’s good to find catharsis through creating art and expressing ourselves—even if at an exaggerated level. Remember, art is an expression. Don’t take it all too seriously. Kill your ego, not each other.”

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