Garage Nation And DeeVu Records Launch Garage Nation Records

Garage Nation, a UK-based company with international reach and serving the Garage music scene through events has teamed up with DeeVu Records to launch a new Garage-focused label, Garage Nation Records. DeeVu Records is a independent label in the UK now widening its scope through this collaboration.

The announcement of the label also marks their first signing, DJ and Producer Major Key who is inspired by pioneers such as Mark Hill (Artful Dodger/Original Dodger) and Roska.

Known for his work in Urban, House, Garage, and Dance music, Rick Live has stepped into a new role as A&R for the new label. Live’s credits include “Dreamer” and “Finally”.

Lee Rose, Founder & CEO of DeeVu Records, comments:

“Garage-nation has been an inspiration to so many and for me being part of its journey and growth is truly a special moment.”

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