Pink Trash Can Brings Us Seasick Pop Rock Via Post Present Medium

Collaborative project Pink Trash Can is releasing its first long play album as of October 1st, appropriately titled What Are They Saying Is the PTC? from indie label Post Present Medium.

Members of PTC include Sophie Weil (Syko Friend), Robbie Cody (Behavior, Wand) and Evan Burrows (Behavior, Wand). The trio recorded the album in March 2020 and assembled it over the following year in their shared Los Angeles home.

They describe the album as:

…an unwitting effusion of pyrite tears, plucked up and hung like little tongues in the mouths of cartoon bells. Lysergic in its free associations, grounded in its emphatic sense of location, this record is shaky close-up video rendered in big, shivering, painted pixels. This record is a mammoth sunflower growing beside a Direct TV dish, both of their wide open faces searching the empty sky for sunlight and signal. This record is a lullaby you hear behind the door of someone else’s room as you pad through the dawnlit house in muddy slippers. This record arrives by delivery, wrapped in a Jolly Roger flag with Joe Cool smiling where a skull should be suspended above two crossed bones. There’s a note still barely attached to the package with Scotch tape, typewritten in all caps on bootleg company stationary: “NO DEAL”

Also described as “spliced-up seasick pop rock”, the new collection features the following tracks:

1. Midnight 4:27 

2. Sacred Hoops 3:24

3. Tupelo’s Raft 2:49

4. Saucy view 2:40

5. Lawn Mower 5:06

6. Really Hot 2:03

7. Humming Along 0:40

8. Colored Bells 6:49

9. Breakfast 3:51

10. CBD 2:47

11. Dolly 5:39 12. Thresher 4:69

More info about Post Present Medium:

Post Present Medium is a record label started and run by Dean Allen Spunt with the help of Roy Tatum. The label began in 2001 with the release of a 7” by Portland/Olympia band The Intima. Since then, PPM has released over 50 records. The initial goal of PPM was to put out music by friends that no one else wanted to put out, to have a label that supported a collection of people with a shared aesthetic and direction. It is inspired by growing up in the DIY community, obsessing over records, touring under questionable conditions, meeting rad bands, SST, and Dischord.

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