Steven Bamidele Announces Neo-Soul Ep ‘Uncrowded’ From Park The Van

[Cover photo credit to Alex Butcher]

Brighton UK’s Steven Bamidele has announced an EP for Fall, Uncrowded, which promises to meditate on a fair amount of “isolation, loss, and heartbreak”. It’s expected from Park the Van on October 15th and single “You Were Wrong” is out now.

Born in Jebba, Nigeria to a Nigerian mother and British father, Bamidele grew up in Long Melford, Suffolk as one of the few children of colour and themes around “racial isolation and its stark personal impact” can be found in his music today.

Bamidele was raised around church music and as a teen was intrigued by Pop-Punk, Rap, Hip-Hop and Rock. He founded a series of hometown bands before going solo.

With a string of solo EPs since 2017, Bamidele nevertheless considered quitting music in 2019 following the death of his father and the rise of the pandemic.

He explains: “I started producing for other people to take pressure off of the ego and the constant self-examination of being a solo songwriter.” However, a creative period followed finishing tracks that had remained incomplete for years.

One of the tracks on the album was specifically inspired by George Floyd , “Other Side”, while songs like “Tethered”, “This Won’t Happen a Second Time”, and “Painted Over” address the different stages and sides to love.

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