Brown Acid’s Lucky 13th Trip Will Arrive On Halloween

The latest edition of the compilation series featuring long-lost vintage 60s-70s Proto-Metal and Stoner Rock singles will be arriving on October 31st from Permanent Records and RidingEasy Records. You can preview Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip via their first single, “Run Run”, originally released in 1970 by Montreal hard rockers Max.

Lance Barresi, co-owner of L.A./Chicago retailer Permanent Records has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the 60s and 70s for the growing compilation series, partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records.

Barresi explains:

“I essentially go through hell and high water just to find these records. Once I find a record worthy of tracking, I begin the (sometimes) extremely arduous process of contacting the band members and encouraging them to take part. Daniel and I agree that licensing all the tracks we’re using for Brown Acid is best for everyone involved…There’s a long list of songs that we’d love to include. But we just can’t track the bands down. I like the idea that Brown Acid is getting so much attention, so people might reach out to us.”

Here’s a look at the tracklisting for Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip:

01. Max “Run Run”
02. Ralph Williams “Dark Street”
03. Geyda “Third Side”
04. Gary Del Vecchio “Buzzin’”
05. John Kitko “Indecision”
06. Bacchus “Hope”
07. Master Danse “Feelin’ Dead”
08. Orchid “Go Big Red”
09. Dry Ice “Don’t Munkey With The Funky Skunky”
10. Good Humore “Detroit”

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