Catholic Guilt’s “Can You See Me?” Processes A Sense Of Lost Identity

[Cover photo credit to Dean Gordon]

Australian Melbourne/Naarm Alt-Rock band Catholic Guilt have shared new tune “Can You See Me?”, and an accompanying video, out via Wiretap Records. They’ll be sharing it live at The Tote in Melbourne on November 18th, 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the Australian Indie and Punk scene from the 2000s, “Can You See Me?” is a “tale of lost identity and feeling at odds with yourself.”

Vocalist Brenton Harris explains:

For me personally, that feeling was brought on by a period of intense emotional and physical upheaval caused by a variety of interpersonal issues and a few serious life and career setbacks.

All of these issues coalesced around the time of the lockdowns and ended up impacting life on the other side of it, resulting in me living life as a version of myself that felt so unfamiliar, so unconfident, so shaken, so entirely unlike ‘me’. Writing the song allowed me to process and heal and move onto the next evolution of ‘myself’. It’s our ‘feel sad hit of the summer’.

The track was Produced, mixed and mastered by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate (Inertia, Young Lions, The Motion Below).

Guitarist Dean Gordon comments that the song intentionally…

…utilises light and shade, with the verses creating an introspective space for self-reflection juxtaposed against an energetic chorus to mimic staring into a mirror screaming for answers.

The music video was created in collaboration with Karl Baldwin and plays on the use of silhouettes, “leaving room for interpretation and imagination.”

The band adds:

Your silhouette only provides an outline of who you are, not the details that make you unique. We felt that this imagery created a parallel to the search for oneself explored in the lyrics.

Catholic Guilt is Brenton Harris (vocals), Dean Gordon (guitar/vocals), Megan Sidwell (guitar/vocals), Ben Caruana (bass) and Michael Condello (drums). The band released their debut EP, Hymnbook Vol. 1 independently in 2018 and followed it up in 2020 with This Is What Honesty Sounds Like via Wiretap Records.