Driftwood’s “December Last Call” Was Written As A Real-Life Drinking Song

[Cover photo credit to Bella Seastrand]

New York-based Americana outfit Driftwood has shared new single “December Last Call.” As the title suggests, there’s a hint of unwinding after a long day. “December Last Call” is the first offering from the band’s forthcoming project, due out next year.

Guitarist Joe Kollar, who wrote the song, comments:

The song came out of a wild night at the bar where I stayed a few hours past what I should have. The funny part is that I don’t fully remember coming up with the tune but thanks to voice memos, I must’ve hit record during my drunken stupor and captured what became the melody and chords. I say melody because the words at that point were nothing but mumbles. The next day, I woke up hazy and saw my guitar and phone sitting close by so I hit play on the last voice memo, then my mumbles came in and I set out to put some lyrics from whatever memories I could manage from that night. And so, ‘December Last Call’ is a drinking song, so much so I don’t remember writing it.

“December Last Call” marks the band’s first new music release since their 2019 album Tree of Shade. Since joining the Americana music scene in 2009, the band has spent almost 15 years honing their live shows.

Later this month, Driftwood will embark on a series of show dates in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Driftwood Tour Dates

November 18 – Rochester, NY – Sticky Lips

November 24 – Apalachin, NY – Ransom Steele Tavern

November 25 – Apalachin, NY – Ransom Steele Tavern

December 8 – Wellsboro, PA – Deane Center-Performing Arts

December 30 – Homer, NY – Homer Ctr for the Arts

February 10 – Oswego, NY – Music Hall

February 16 – Thomas, WV – Purple Fiddle

February 17 – Thomas, WV – Purple Fiddle

February 24 – Walton, NY – Walton Theatre