Eddie Berman Shares A Parent’s Terror And Delight With “First Of Spring (Keira’s Song)”

[Cover photo credit to Monica Reyes]

Portland Folk-Rock singer/songwriter Eddie Berman is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album Signal Fire on January 19th, 2024 via Nettwerk.

Berman has just released its latest single First of Spring (Keira’s Song),” a deeply personal recounting of the nerve-wracking moments immediately after his second daughter Keira’s birth, juxtaposed with his appreciation for her now as she gets ready for school.

Berman shares:

After writing the song ‘Pascal’s Triangle’ about my first daughter Bridget’s birth, and naming an album after her, I’ve known for a while that I’ve had to write something good for my second daughter. This song flowed out about the terrifying moments right after Keira’s birth… The song is about those thirty minutes that felt like an eternity, trying to help Keira through it, trying to get her back to her mother, and the appreciation it’s given me for every subsequent breath that child’s taken.

The album’s title itself, appearing in the acoustic-led ballad “Mare Imbrium,” named after one of the moon’s largest craters, conveys dual messages: “The welcoming warmth of a beacon and the cautionary flames of a warning.”