Dolly Dagger’s ‘Nightmare’ EP Processes Art As Survival

Australian-born, LA-based artist Dolly Dagger named her musical project after the Jimi Hendrix song and is releasing her debut EP Nightmare today, on October 26th. Combining studied vocal melodies and intense Rock guitar riffs, the 4-song EP is the fruit of long labor for Dolly Dagger and collaborator Jesse McInturff.

The single and video for “Sick” have also been released today from the new EP and the video was produced, directed and edited by Dolly, featuring footage of her live performance along with McInturff.

Dolly Dagger speaks about her journey in music:

This is my survival. It always has been and will likely stay that way. Art is the vessel to process our emotions and then release them. I had a therapist once tell me I had a blockage. She said I needed to scream in order to release it, so for a while I’ve looked at singing and thrashing around with a guitar as therapy.

The EP’s themes span “perception, reshaping life for the better, and above all else, perseverance through the trials and tribulations of being in a creative profession.”

Asked about the relationship between this EP and her previous singles, Dolly Dagger says:

I think EPs inherently feel more put together, but especially in this case, looking back at our previous releases as singles, this EP helps to define what we’re working towards.

It stands apart in a couple of ways, these songs were closer together as to when they were written, and they have similar themes because of that period of time and what I was going through but also the sonic landscape; we had the chance to further develop our sound which is ultimately more cohesive than anything previously released and Jesse McInturff (guitar) and I have now been writing together for a longer period of time.

Photo credit to Alex Lang

Dolly Dagger will also be celebrating the release of the EP Nightmare with a live show in Los Angeles at The Paramount on October 27th, 2023.