Song Premier: David Newbould’s “Morning” Wakes Up But Keeps The Dream Alive

[Cover photo credit to Blossom Charette]

Nashville-based singer/songwriter David Newbould has been very busy in 2023, releasing a double sided single (“Nobody Knows” b/w “Milwaukee”) in May, showcasing at Americana West Music Festival in LA, touring the West Coast with label mate Rosy Nolan, and returning home to work on his upcoming releases.

Coinciding with a three week European tour this November with his band, David Newbould is now releasing a new single on October 27th, 2023, “Morning” via Blackbird Record Label.

“Morning”, was written with Roger Cook, the British Nashville songwriter who’s been crafting songs ever since he wrote “Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)” for The Hollies, and someone who Newbould considers a friend.

Newbould explains:

He caught me playing one night at a little club down in Franklin. We became friends, and he’s a guy I like to get together and write with.

The song deals with something very relatable, having to face necessary evils in life, while believing that better moments are still around the corner. We’re very pleased to premier “Morning” today on Wildfire Music + News.

The new track captures something enchanting and bittersweet about the limited time we have in life to pursue the things we love in our own time or to spend time with those who mean the most to us. In this case, morning is something that dispells the quieter, more freeing moments, and brings us back to the world of responsibility, or perhaps accountability.

Newbould delivers the accepting, reflective song along with a rolling energy to his vocals and guitar that suggests that we all have our part to play in the social and workaday world, but the song also holds onto a dreamy feeling, anticipating that those quieter moments will return to soothe our struggles.

“Morning” was produced and recorded in “primitive fashion” at Newbould’s home studio, Carport Lovin’, with him playing all the instruments himself. As he describes, “Just whatever mics and skills I could cobble together. Was fun!”.  Mixing was assisted by longtime producer friend, Billy Harvey.


01/11/2023 Wednesday – Zum Schwann – Germany – Dillenburg

02/11/2023 Thursday – De Zeepziederij – Belgium – Bree

03/11/2023 Friday – Scooters – The Netherlands – Leeuwarden

04/11/2023 Saturday – Shoppop – The Netherlands – Oosterwolde (afternoon)

04/11/2023 Saturday – Muziekcafé Clouso – The Netherlands – Meppel (evening)

07/11/2023 Tuesday – QBUS – The Netherlands – Leiden

08/11/2023 Wednesday – Live stage Marnix – The Netherlands – Bennekom

09/11/2023 Thursday – Wunderbar – Germany – Eppstein

10/11/2023 Friday – Mandy-s Lounge – Germany – Homburg

13/11/2023 Monday – Live-Club – Germany – Bamberg

14/11/2023 Tuesday – Gotthard Bar – Switzerland – Zürich

16/11/2023 Thursday – CC Het Gasthuis – Belgium – Aarschot

17/11/2023 Friday – JuBB Werden – Germany – Essen

18/11/2023 Saturday – De Floeren Aap – Belgium – Mechelen