The Blips Bring It All Back ‘Again’

Back in late-2019 Taylor Hollingsworth, Wes McDonald, Will Stewart, Eric Wallace, and Chris McCauley entered Birmingham, Alabama’s Ol’ Elegante recording studio and wrote an album in three sessions. Their self titled debut, The Blips, attracted attention when Little Steven’s Underground Garage declared “Inside Out” The Coolest Song In The World in the Spring of 2021. 

Now the band returns with the album The BlipsAgainThe Blips Again will be available on vinyl, CD and DSPs on November 17th, 2023 via Cornelius Chapel Records.

While there are four different lead singers and writers throughout the album, Again was created by a band, “rather than disparate musicians playing along on a track”. They have now released debut track “Who Took My Baby Away?”

The Blips want to say that they haven’t “grown” or “matured” with their “sophomore effort”. These ideas don’t apply to the Blips. The band is actually wholly made up of veteran front men from well-known bands in the Birmingham Rock scene. They are used to making albums, which they consider a unique process every time around, as it has been with Again.