Uncle Lucius Shares Their “Civilized Anxiety”

Austin, Texas-based band Uncle Lucius has released new track “Civilized Anxiety” from their first album in five years, Like It’s The Last One Left, out December 8th, 2023 on Boo Clap Records/Thirty Tigers. 

Lead singer Kevin Galloway says about the track:

There’s a certain madness that comes with living in a city like Austin, TX. People, like ants, move to and fro upon an infrastructure that will never catch up to the pace of population growth. Sometimes the cacophony and gridlock can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just want to drop everything and run toward the peace and tranquility of nature.

“Civilized Anxiety” was written by Uncle Lucius co-founder and original bassist Hal Jon Vorpahl, who now serves as the band’s Producer and unofficial seventh member.

Vorpahl adds:

‘Civilized Anxiety’ was written about feeling the pressure of overpopulation and the experience of that pressure sometimes being too much to take. I wrote the song after having an experience like this in a packed grocery store very early post-pandemic. Fighting for a parking spot, fighting for a grocery cart, fighting to get down the aisle for some oatmeal… it all became way too much, way too fast. I left my cart in the middle of the aisle, went home to grab the dog, and headed out to the middle of nowhere East Texas for a couple of weeks.

Following a farewell tour in 2018, Uncle Lucius went on what became a five-year hiatus. Following the 2018 placement of their song “Keep the Wolves Away” in an episode of Yellowstone, the track went to gold, then platinum certifications. In 2022, the band members got together and found there was “a whole new chemistry, fresh perspective, and a new well of ideas to pull from.” The result is Like It’s The Last One Left.