Elephant Stone Will Take Us ‘Back Into The Dream’

[Cover photo credit to Laurine Jousserand]

Montreal-based Psych-Rock band Elephant Stone has announced their upcoming 6th album, Back Into the Dream, releasing on February 23rd, 2024. Accompanying the announcement is the single + video “The Spark,” an invitation to “venture beyond the mundane and delve into profound self-exploration.”

The band’s Rishi Dhir admits:

Crafting a song is like tapping into a kind of magic that exists beyond the realm of the ordinary. I’m in perpetual pursuit of that elusive sensation—the spark that turns fleeting thoughts into something immortal. The Spark’ is my love letter to the art of songwriting, a tribute to the creative process itself. It’s about that serendipitous moment when time and space align, allowing you to capture lightning in a bottle.

The album Back Into the Dream dwells on “the mysteries of dreams, capturing the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.”

Previously released tracks “Godstar” and “The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody in the World“, released together as “Dawn, Day, Dusk”, draw from the themes of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, while “Lost In A Dream” carries listeners “into an exploration of dream-like states and blurred realities.”

Over 14 years, Rishi Dhir’s leadership and collaborations with Beck, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and The Black Angels have shaped Elephant Stone’s sound.

The band also announced a North American tour set to kick off in 2024 with a hometown show in Montreal on March 22nd, 2024.

Elephant Stone 2024 Live Dates:
March 22      Montréal, QC @ Théâtre Outremont
March 23      Troy, NY @ No Fun
March 24      Somerville, MA @ The Rockwell
March 26      Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye
March 27      Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
March 28      Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe
March 29      Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle
March 31      Toronto, ON @ The Baby G