Corner Club’s “Funny Colors” Processes The Passage Of Time

[Cover photo credit to Vincent Po]

San Francisco based Indie Pop duo corner club have shared their self-produced second EP in the rearview mirror out now. Alongside the release, the track “funny colors” is out now with an official lyric video.

The single allows the duo to “process the passage of time and look back on fond memories” using vocals, synth, and field recordings.

Their second EP, in the rearview mirror paints “a portrait of life’s highs and lows.” Two songs were recorded as live takes including “i’ll never say i love you first again” and “the ezra song.” Several friends pitched in to provide flute, bass, and cello on different tracks, and the project was mastered with their remote collaborator Kevin Tuffy in Berlin at Manmade Mastering.

Vocalist Du says about the new EP:

When we think back to where we were the last time we released music–in a different city, in different relationships, and with family having moved on and around–a lot has changed. We tend to write about the feelings that are most biting in the moment, and now that the EP is finished, we’ve found that some of those moments continue to stay with us and some are no longer relatable, hence the title ‘in the rearview mirror.’

With a longer project like this one, we had the opportunity to experiment with new styles while hopefully keeping some of our usual atmosphericness and storytelling.