On Thorns I Lay Tells A Tale Of Nature’s Revenge With “Thorns Of Fire”

[Cover photo credit to Stella Mouzi]

Greek Melodic Death Metal band On Thorns I Lay are self-described “doomsayers” who have been crafting “tales of loss and despair” for over twenty years. Ahead of their self-titled album, which arrives October 13, 2023, the track “Thorns of Fire”, accompanied by a video, tells of an approaching apocalypse.

“Thorns of Fire” is the grand finale on the band’s upcoming self-titled album, so it’s appropriate that it conjures a depiction of our final days.

The band explains:

‘Thorns of Fire’ is about the crimes humanity has committed against the seed of life. We humans defy the ways and laws of Nature, but we will not escape from its wrath and revenge!

Halfway through its near eight-minute runtime, “Thorns of Fire” moves into a somber instrumental interlude.    

On Thorns I Lay started as a Death Metal band together with other cult bands in Greece in the early 90’s such as Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Necromantia, Nightfall and others. Their self-titled album is their 10th release so far.

After a mini tour of the Baltic states with Rotting Christ, they signed a deal with record label Season Of Mist after which they finished recording their 10th album.