Eddie Berman’s ‘Signal Fire’ Captures ‘Aliveness’

[Cover photo credit to Monica Reyes]

Remote recording sessions led to Portland-based Folk Rock singer/songwriter Eddie Berman’s Broken English in 2020, but this has been followed by a fresh start and reunion with his band for Berman’s Signal Fire, arriving January 19th, 2023 via Nettwerk. With that trajectory, it’s unsurprising that the album has a “narrative of rebirth, connection, and the deep roots of family.”

The immediate magic of playing live with his bandmates once more became an epiphany for Berman. He set out to capture the “aliveness,” that can only be sparked in real-time collaboration for the album.

Along with the album’s announcement, Berman released the album’s single Rolling Over Me” along with a video set on the Pacific Coast.

He reflects:

’Rolling Over Me’ feels like the thesis for this new album. It’s about coming back to my senses and seeing what’s most vital and beautiful in my life: in this case, the love and the passion I have for my wife who I’ve been with for 15 years now, since our early 20s.

The new album was recorded at the 64 Sound Recording Studio in Los Angeles amidst a rare rainstorm, across an intense three-day time window, a choice that allowed Berman and his band, including Gabe Feenberg, Gabe Davis, and Chris Wabich, to keep from overthinking.