Sâver Channels Synth-Driven Sci-Fi For “Primal One”

Oslo-based Sludge-Metal power trio Sâver have returned with “Primal One”, the lead single from the forthcoming album From Ember And Rust, out the 11th of November, 2023, via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

As the band’s first non-collaborative release since 2019’s debut album They Came With Sunlight, “Primal One” is a “furious new statement of intent,” incorporating lessons learned and experience gained into their synth-driven sound.

Most recently, last year’s Split EP saw Sâver and Norwegian folk singer/songwriter Frødekal reinterpret a song from each other’s back catalogue.

As well as sharing their years of experience making heavy music, Sâver members also share a passion for the soundscapes of classic science-fiction. Already a key component of Sâver distinctive sound, cinematic synth work pervades “Primal One”.

Sâver says about “Primal One”:

‘Primal One’ was a natural first single as it truly represents both where we come from sound wise, but also the direction we’re heading with this album – from the heavy and brutal on one end, to the more delicate and fragile on the other. This contrast has always been present in our sound, but we feel the bridge between the two is now more refined.

Lyrically ‘Primal One’ revolves around gathering the will to dig deep and facing your demons – to really look at yourself and try to overcome the punches life inevitably throws at you. It definitely reflects each of our own lives of late and points to the global shitstorm we’ve all been dealing with for the last few years. Anyway, who wants to talk about that anymore? Onwards.