Sorcerer’s ‘Reign Of The Reaper’ Is Both Darker And More Lyrical Than Their Previous Albums

[Cover photo to Marieke Verschuren]

Swedish Heavy Metal band Sorcerer will release their fourth album, titled Reign Of The Reaper, on October 27th, 2023. The album sets out to be both darker and more aggressive than previous albums but also more lyrical and beautiful.

As a preview of the album, a video directed by Daniel Wahlström of Heavy Groove Media has been released for the opening track “Morning Star”.

Sorcerer were reborn in 2010, and after a string of live performances, they signed to Metal Blade Records. 2020 saw the band release what would be their most elaborate album to date, the concept album Lamenting Of The Innocent. These longer-form songs featured memorable performances from vocalist Anders Engberg.

For Reign Of The Reaper the band holed up in their home studios and wrote music all through 2022. Then they once again headed to SolnaSound Recording in Stockholm, the studio owned, run and operated by Simon Johansson (Wolf, Soilwork). With Mike Wead (King Diamond) assisting, they recorded the drums.

They once again employed the services of Ronnie Björnström (engineering/mixing/ mastering) and Jani Stefanovic (cover art for the singles & artwork booklet/packaging design) who have been working with the band since the first album.

The album cover artwork was created by Swedish artist Joakim Ericsson. Conny Welén, as usual, handled co-production duties as well as co-writing vocal melodies and the foundations of some of the lyrics.

Even their photographer from previous albums, Marieke Verschuren, returned to help spread the word about their new album.

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