Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Expands On His Solo Work With ‘Radio Daze & Glamping’

[Cover photo credit to Frankie Siragusa]

Roger Joseph Manning Jr., who you might know from Jellyfish and as Beck’s keyboardist, has announced his new record Radio Daze & Glamping which will be released on September 22, 2023 via Omnivore Recordings. The album features four new studio tracks and the four songs from 2020’s Glamping EP.

The CD and Digital release will include the three live bonus tracks from Glamping’s expanded edition, plus three new live tracks and two instrumentals that were previously unreleased. Along with the announcement, Manning has shared the lead single “Rockin’ It Our Way.”

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. co-founded Jellyfish in 1990. After two releases (1990’s Bellybutton and 1993’s Spilt Milk), the band parted ways, and Manning Jr. began a career with bands Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook, and TV Eyes, as well as contributing to albums from Ringo Starr, Beck, Morrissey, Lana Del Rey, Blink 182, Johnny Cash, and Adele among others.

He also continued to record as a solo artist, most recently releasing the EP Glamping independently in 2020. That was soon reissued with three live bonus tracks, but neither received a wide release. That brings us to 2023, and now Manning Jr. is ready to unveil four new songs, two co-written with Glamping’s Chris Price (Emitt Rhodes).

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