Extreme Metal Producer & Engineer Takes The Spotlight In New Oral History ‘The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life In Death Metal 1987-1997’

Decibel Books has announced the upcoming publication of The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997, a 480-page oral history of the Morrisound recording career of Extreme Metal Producer and engineer Scott Burns. The book has an expected ship date in late October/early November 2023.

Closely associated with the rise of Death Metal in the late ’80s and early-to-mid ’90s, Burns was the man behind the boards for the major works of Death, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Obituary, Deicide, Napalm Death and Terrorizer.

For a preview of Scott Burns Sessions, fans can read the first excerpt online, which takes readers inside the control room during the 1991 recording of Death’s Human LP, with Chuck Schuldiner’s completely reconstructed Death lineup. Read that here.

The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997 looks individually at over 100 Extreme Metal albums, by nearly 70 bands, that Burns recorded throughout his career. This hardcover by David E. Gehlke, the author of Turned Inside Out: The Official Story of Obituary, No Celebration: The Official Story of Paradise Lost and Damn the Machine: The Story of Noise Records, goes inside the halls of Morrisound Recording for detailed, in-studio accounts from Burns and many bands.

The histories are accompanied by never-before-seen photos from Tampa music scene photographer Tim Hubbard. The book also features a foreword from Extreme Metal Producer/engineer Dan Swanö.

Burns says:

It was awesome to take a trip down memory lane with David and reminisce about all the great bands I was privileged to work with at Morrisound and abroad. David did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the late ’80s and ’90s death metal scene. I think Tim Hubbard and the other photographers provided excellent pictures that add a powerful visual element to those great stories.

The Scott Burns Sessions: A Life in Death Metal 1987 – 1997 includes new interviews with current and former members of:

Cannibal Corpse • Death • Sepultura • Obituary • Deicide • Suffocation • Cynic • Gorguts • Terrorizer • Atheist • Six Feet Under • Malevolent Creation • Exhorder • Pestilence • Massacre • Assück • Coroner • Atrocity • Morgoth • Cancer • Loudblast • Hellwitch • Solstice • Disincarnate • Monstrosity • Sadus • Vital Remains • Demolition Hammer • …and many more.

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