Border Collie’s “I Don’t Believe You” Airs Bitterness And Loss

[Cover photo credit to Michael Allen]

Indie Folk band Border Collie have shared the single i don’t believe you,” via Riot Daddy. The raw and earnest track airs emotions that allow for struggle and confusion.

Speaking on the song, Kiefer Detrick says:

‘I don’t believe you’ is the third go-at-it from Border Collie since they started releasing in May. ‘I don’t believe you’ is confused: it’s bitter and lost, it doesn’t know who the gun is pointed at (“I’m angry but I’m listening”, “I was ten feet behind my eyelids”). The lyrics are labored over a scratchy chord progression and a dizzying rhythm section. Loose, expressive rhythm section, tape-noise fidelity. Recorded and produced entirely by Border Collie in the padded concrete closet they call their studio. This single is a Fresh Find, it would fit well into *end credits.

Border Collie consists of Elon Thomas (guitar, vocals), Kiefer Derrick (guitars, vocals, drums) and Julian Bonilla Rivera (bass). After encountering each other playing shows at The Echo and at various house shows, they got together in the summer of 2022, and started releasing music in May of this year.  

Their debut single was “just a baby” and their follow-up single “words I saved for later” showcases the fact that they are a 3-piece on stage, but a 7-piece in the studio.

Of the band members, Julian also builds and repairs guitars and Keifer’s DIY shows, fundraisers, and competitions have supported over fifty local indie acts over the last year. Elo also designs vinyl releases for the catalog of UMG.

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