Ikonika Takes On “I Want Blood” For The Badlands Remix Project

DJ and Producer Ikonika (Hyperdub) has contributed to the Badlands growing remix project, where Badlands has asked friends and sources of inspiration from widely different genres to take on a track each off her last album Call to Love. Ikonika interprets the track “I Want Blood” in her own way. DJ Mag was first to share the track that’s out now.

The remixes has been dropping over the course of the year, and there are still a few to go. They’ll be gathered in a compilation & released along with bonus tracks and a ltd. edition cassette + poster on the 6th of December, 2023 via Bandcamp & Aloaded.

Badlands says:

This remix project is my way of bringing some of my favorite independent, primarily electronic, producers together in a bouquet of Badlands interpretations. Badlands always was a very genre-bending project, and always will be. I only do this for fun, but this thing is also a way to pay homage to the international autonomous scene & show some of the places I come from. To somewhat anatomize the sound to the listeners. I’ve purposely asked people with widely different and distinct sounds to contribute.

More about Badlands:

Swedish producer, composer and sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna has been operating under the pseudonym of Badlands on and off since 2011, under which she makes lush hyperbolic tracks from a wide palette of inspiration; stretching from post-punk, folk and shoegaze; to electro, dub and gritty techno working with analog electronics, sampling & organic orchestration. She’s the founder of the record label, arts platform and production company RITE based in Malmö, from where she also makes  transboundary arts and documentary, original music and sound designs for film and theater, as well as production, mix/remix work and collaborations with other labels and artists. With her last album Call to Love (2022) for which she received several national awards and nominations (a follow-up to acclaimed LP Djinn from 2021), Badlands continues to push the boundaries with her innovative, and often unexpected, productions. 

More about Ikonika:

London-based electronic musician Ikonika (Sara Abdel-Hamid) produces vibrant, colorful tracks that draw from electro, freestyle, house, and abstract sound design, among other influences. Signing to U.K. bass label Hyperdub in 2008, she became one of the label’s key artists, releasing numerous dubstep and experimental club singles as well as vivid full-lengths such as 2013’s Aerotropolis. She has also issued material on labels such as Planet Mu, Don’t Be Afraid, and Night Slugs. On her last EP Bubble Up (2023), which she has described as “queer anthems for the dance floor”, Ikonika presents a switch in style and mood which showcases a confident and poppy sound in a sultry, sweet spot that highlights her knack for a sparkling catchy synth melody, rolling Amapiano and vintage deep house influences, plus adds a rare sprinkling of her own low key vocals on three songs.

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