Lily & Madeleine’s “No Part Of Me” Finds Relief Setting Oneself Free

[Cover photo credit to Anna Powell Dento]

Indianapolis-based Folk-Pop duo Lily & Madeleine have shared new track “No Part of Me”. The pair’s fifth studio album Nite Swim is due out October 6th, 2023. On the track, “No Part of Me,” audiences are urged to “set themselves free from a love that no longer serves them.”

Madeline says the track is about:

Falling out of love and realizing perhaps love was never really present in a relationship, and choosing yourself. The track feels like when the train finally arrives at the platform, with a rush of wind, a burst of light, and a sense of relief. The song is really meant to contain all of the joy and humor that can also be found in the closing of one chapter to usher in a new one.

The upcoming album was made with the help of friends and family and took them across the country as they completed it. The album shares various vignettes of the duo’s lives over the past five years. Its “central thesis explores vulnerability, acceptance, embracing shame and acknowledging one’s feelings rather than running from them.”

Lily says the project dives into:

…wanting to be intimate with someone but feeling like they’ll reject you when they see how complicated you are inside.

Lily & Madeleine Fall Tour 2023 With Sarah Walk

Oct. 11 – Columbus, OH – Rambling House

Oct. 12 – Nashville, TN – The East Room

Oct. 13 – Bloomington, IN – Blockhouse

Oct. 15 – Raleigh, NC – Kings

Oct. 16 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java

Oct. 18 – Greenfield, MA – Hawks and Reed

Oct. 19 Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live

Oct. 21 – Boston, MA – The Lilypad

Oct. 22 Portsmouth, NH – Music Hall Lounge

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