Liska Finds “Infinity” In Another’s Eyes

Chicago artist Annelise Steele brings together Pop and Rock elements as Liska. She previously announced her next five track EP, It Girl, by releasing the title track earlier this summer.

After releasing two EPs over the past two years, Jupiter in 2021, and Le Boom last year, she continues her ongoing collaboration with the producers behind local studio Unisun, including a more 90s Indie Rock influence on the upcoming EP. The single and video for “Infinity” are out now.

Liska worked with award-winning studio Someoddpilot for the music video, giving the video an ethereal look and feel. “Infinity” blends the “abstract, spacey imagery” of her first EP with the 80s and 90s Indie-Rock sound that inspired her last EP.

Steele says:

I got the idea for the chorus ‘your eyes are infinity’ while watching the Netflix documentary, Escape to Infinity. There was a segment of the documentary where they explain the concept of infinity as a never ending circle, moving away then feeding back into itself endlessly. They were using an eyeball to demonstrate this circle and I thought to myself, ‘oh my god, your eyes are infinity.’ Then I was like, ‘that would be such a romantic song.’

Steele’s affinity for writing music might stem from her family’s musical upbringing, including from her great-grandfather Bobby Christian, who was part of Warner Bros’s Hollywood studio band, to a her relative Stephen George, the original drummer for Ministry.

Liska will be releasing It Girl this fall on November 3rd, 2023 with a release show in Chicago at Sleeping Village on November 8.

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