Side-Line Magazine Launches ‘Electronic Bodies’ Compilation To Bring Psychological Support To Ukrainian Soldiers and Citizens

Side-Line Magazine has launched a new charity compilation called Electronic Bodies, including 88 tracks from the Electronic / EBM underground. Now available exclusively via Bandcamp, this collection follows a tradition of music compilations aimed at raising funds for worthy causes, facilitated by the Belgian Electro Industrial magazine Side-Line. This time around, all donations will go towards the provision of psychological support for Ukraine soldiers and citizens suffering from PTSD.

Side-Line also releases free compilations for Darkwave, Postpunk, Electropop, Synthpop and Industrial music, offering artists a platform for wider exposure and spearheading charity initiatives. Their most recent compilations include Electronic Resistance – A Darkwave / Post-Punk Compilation From The Ukrainian Underground and Electronic Resistance – Reconstruction.

Curated by Side-Line’s Chief Editor Bernard Van Isacker, this compilation is a tale of two halves: the first immerses you in old-school vibes, while the latter offered the bands some extra freedom as far as sound is concerned.

Bernard Van Isacker shares:

I recently came across an article detailing the psychological toll of the war initiated by Russia against Ukraine. The repercussions are devastating, with families torn apart and a surge in divorces and suicides. Many are grappling with PTSD, a condition that arises after experiencing traumatic events. Symptoms disrupt daily life, manifesting as flashbacks, avoidance behaviours, and a host of other issues. If we’re in a position to assist, we should.

While it’s undeniably sombre, it’s essential to recognise our privileged position compared to their plight. Rather than symbolic gestures, I advocate for tangible action. The West should be doing more. The disparity between resources squandered on frivolities and the valiant efforts of the Ukrainian populace defending their homeland infuriates me.

While not every artist in the compilation boasts high-end studio equipment, some of these tracks have been enhanced by Erlend Eilertsen (Lights A.M, Essence Of Mind).

Offering a tangible connection to the music, the magazine is also offering an exclusive Electronic Bodies T-shirt and a combo package that includes a limited edition hand-numbered Electronic Bodies flask.

Each merch order includes a download of the compilation. Shipping takes places in the first week of October and placing orders as soon as possible allows SideLine to know what amount of stock needs to be ordered.

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