Voodoo Beach Returns From The Edge Of Dissolution For ‘Wonderful Life’

Born from the wish to merge their wildly varying tastes in music, the members of Voodoo Beach have a long history of playing dark Psychedelic Rock. Inspired by Sonic Youth, The Horrors and Slowdive, the Berlin underground act have been together for almost 10 years, releasing a series of EPs before their lead singer and guitar player decided to leave.

The band was saved by Heike Rädeker, founding member of German Noise rockers 18th Dye, who was a fan of the band and who decided to join them on hearing of their upcoming demise. Now, not only are they still together, but they have a new record, Wonderful Life, which will begin pre-orders on September 7th, 2023 and arrive via CrazySane Records. The song and video “Die Hand” are out now.

The band comments on their writing process:

The symbiosis of music and words comes natural at VOODOO BEACH. The smell of a song leads to a thought, which can be about life in general, everyday happenings, not happenings, oddities, stupidities and weltschmerz in all directions.

In the same way, the music of Voodoo Beach expands in all directions on the album. Carried through in the title track, the sonic depth of Wonderful Life is “strangely expansive but also quite low-key.”

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