Sky Lions Create An Open Letter About Struggle With ‘Inside The Circle’

Portland-based duo Sky Lions have released their new album Inside The Circle, a nine-track offering that blends Post-Punk, Alternative, and Hard Rock.

Made up of Radio Sloan and Outer Stace, Sky Lions is a project with roots that trace back to when the two met as children at a summer day camp in Oregon. They create music that “inspires them and is inspired by one another’s vibrancy during the writing process, the world around them, and trust in each other’s vision.”  

They often focus on the intersection of “innovation, music, feminism, Trans/queer identity and horror”.

Outer Stace says:

Neither of us have worked so hard on a musical project in our lives. Life does what life will do, and while we started out making music together as teenagers, our paths took different turns in our adult lives, though we never lost touch. Radio is a prolific songwriter and I will write on anything with a surface when a lyric comes to mind. Together, we decided it was time to make what we wanted to make and how we wanted to make it.

The expectations of others were not a consideration for us when we recorded this album. It was an exorcism, a purging of sounds and words we had not previously had the capacity for, as it is such a complex project. Today, we are ready and have poured our love, freely expressed ideas and the deepest parts of our souls into the writing, production, artwork for this record.

Radio Sloan also has a colorful history that includes being the guitarist in Courtney Love’s touring band The Chelsea, and also in Scarling and Peaches‘ live band The Herms. While releasing music as a solo artist, Radio Sloan has also been involved in numerous other artists’ projects, including contributing guitar for Le Tigre, co-writing for The Transfused and composing music for soundtracks and scores, including The Herstory of Riot Grrrl.

Apart from Sky Lions, Outer Stace is known to many as the vocalist for Portland Electro-Rock / Gothic / Post-Punk band Photona and synth-drum duo Time Bitch.

Radio Sloan adds about the new album:

Sonically, we have built what (we hope) achieves clear visuals and feelings of things otherworld-ly , pain, power, love, peace, anger, and fear, sans the lyrical content. Lyrically, the music is an open letter to whoever is reading. We write about the struggles of be-ing an Other, a Woman, a reluctant participant in society and a human being. “Raw and honest” is something we hope comes through in every song.

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