‘Extended Play 002’ From Isaac Watters Continues A Conversation About Longing And Hope

[Photo credit to Stone Shannon]

LA-based multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter Isaac Watters has released Extended Play 002, his sophomore release for hi-res records. The four song EP builds on Extended Play 001. Watters journeys across Indie-Rock, Post-Punk, Art Rock, Dream Pop, Indie Folk and more.

Watters’ music “considers his and humanity’s place on Earth, how the natural world shapes its inhabitants and vice versa, and the fibers that connect us all.”

Watters touches on environmental themes and images on the release, finding hope in scenes of disaster and ruin.

He shares:

I think there’s always this longing for a world where things are better and things aren’t dying and everything is alive, and the ocean is cold, and the sun is shining. There’s this idea I sometimes think about, that longing for a place like that.

He adds about the EP:

I feel like music is a way to process what we aren’t actually able to think about. I hope that it’s music that is comforting to people in this era that we’re living in. And that it could be something that would be helpful for people.

Working with producer Matt Linesch and hi-res records, Watters found recording in analog to be a creatively fruitful approach.

A multi-disciplinary artist, and Frank Gehry apprentice, as well as an accomplished set designer (Westworld, For All Mankind, and many others), Watters’ is always considering the relationship between sight and sound, and how the two influence and affect his work.

To date, he has released four albums as John Isaac Watters: Parachute Tramps, CASAS, Campanas, and Past Hope Now. Also in 2019 he released an EP as Rainstorm Brother, a new project with his long time collaborator Tyler Chester.

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