Wajatta Dances The Summer Out With EP ‘Waiting For the Get Down’

[Cover photo credit to The1point8]

Wajatta, the duo of Reggie Watts and John Tejada, are returning with a new EP, Waiting For The Get Down, set to release September 21st, 2023 via Brainfeeder. They have previewed the release with lead single, “Again And Again (feat. March Adstrum).” The track is a house inspired anthem with a 4/4 beat enhanced by synths.

Tejada says:

‘Again And Again’ came out of me bringing a sketch of it to one of our live shows and just playing it in the set to see how Reggie would respond. This is a fairly normal way of starting tracks, just to be in the moment and to try something that Reggie has never heard before. That moment created a great vibe and was perhaps the highlight of the whole show, so we quickly got it recorded and dialed in the rest.

For the EP Waiting For The Get Down, the duo engage in “an acceptance of releasing control and letting what is be in order to enjoy the present.”

Leading up to this project, John Tejada teamed up with March Adstrum to form the duo, Optometry, whose debut EP, After-Image, released this past March. March Adstrum also designed the cover art for Waiting For The Get Down.

Additionally, Reggie Watts’ first book, Great Falls, MT: Fast Times, Post-Punk Weirdos, and a Tale of Coming Home Again, will be published and ready to read on October 17th, 2023 this Fall.

Wajatta is the musical duo of comedian/musician Reggie Watts and electronic music artist, DJ, and producer, John Tejada. Pronounced wa-HA-ta — it’s a mash-up of the artists’ last names. Brainfeeder released their second album Don’t Let Get You Down in 2020 and their 2021 EP, Do You Even Care? The duo describe Wajatta’s music very broadly as “electronic dance music with its roots in Detroit techno, Chicago house, ‘70s funk and New York hip hop.”

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