Tyler Gunn Questions The Role Of Suffering In Our Lives With “A Million Miles”

[Cover photo credit to Joshua Will]

Toronto-based artist and Producer Tyler Gunn creates music that draws on influences from 90s Alternative Rock, mixing elements of Grunge, Dream Pop, Folk, and Art Rock. Every song he creates “aims to capture a different feeling.”

Tyler Gunn uses music as a tool for self-discovery, as he shares:

It’s rare that I even know what a song is about until after finishing it. They reveal themselves to me at different times, and sometimes never at all.

With lyrics detailing themes of “love, struggle, loss, and God,” Gunn says he uses music “as a way to better understand and navigate” the world around him.

For his latest single, “A Million Miles”, Gunn questions the role of suffering in our lives.

Gunn adds:

This song came at a time when I desperately needed it. Life at that point felt stale and unchanging. Making this felt like the beginning of a new chapter.

The song also recruits percussionist Matt Johnson who formerly accompanied Jeff Buckley during his career.

Overall, Gunn aims to create music that gives his listeners permission to “feel what they’re feeling” and hopes to bring catharsis to others through the new track.

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