“Little Miss Sunshine” From SWMRS Celebrates Moments Of Invincibility

[SWMRS (Max Becker [Left], Cade Becker [Center], and Cole Becker [Right])
Photo Credit to Bryan Anton]

SWMRS is a band is centered around the songwriting of brothers Max (vocals, guitar) and Cole Becker (vocals, guitar), who’ve fronted the band through many evolutions, and the band now welcomes the addition of their brother Cade Becker on bass.

The brothers have announced a new third album, Sonic Tonic, due out October 27th, 2023, and have shared its debut single “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Discussing his entrance into the band, Cade says:

My whole life people would ask me when I was joining the band, but I never played an instrument before. I was always a huge fan of the band, though, so when they needed a new bass player I volunteered. Max taught me how to play the songs on bass, and I practiced them nonstop to get ready to play shows.  

Keeping it in the family, SWMRS enlisted their grandmother to star in the music video for “Little Miss Sunshine,” directed by Cole and filmed at her apartment in San Francisco, CA.

Cole shares:

This song is about looking back with fondness at a period in my life. The good times and the bad. When I hear it, I think of those small moments of invincibility— driving in a car with your friends, seeing a really good show— where the entire world feels within your reach.  

SWMRS will appear with the new lineup on November 19, 2023 in Berkeley, CA at Cornerstone.

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