Chelsea Collins’ EP ‘The Lost Files’ Chronicles And Champions Her Early Songwriting

[Cover photo credit to Rex Windland]

Pop artist Chelsea Collins has released her latest EP, The Lost Files, via Craft Recordings. The long-awaited project features a trio of songs that Collins co-wrote and co-Produced shortly before she was signed to her former label home HITCO, including “Angel”, “When U Were Psycho” and “There U Go (Bye Bye!)”.

Arriving alongside the EP is a video for her upbeat breakup song, “There U Go (Bye Bye!).” Directed by Collins, the visual portrays the singer-songwriter bidding farewell to an Elon Musk cardboard cutout.

She explains:

It embodies the essence of this song. My ex’s idol was Elon Musk (we both grew up in the Bay Area) and I used to love Twitter, so this video and song is like saying farewell to my ex and one of my favorite apps.  

‘There U Go (Bye Bye!)’ is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever made. I was exiting a stale relationship and writing this song actually led me to have the strength to leave. Once the track was done, the facade I had of him in my head was gone and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I saw him for who he was. wanted to write a song from a strong perspective instead of my usual sad breakup songs.  

Written and produced alongside collaborators including Grammy-winning producer Khris Lorenz (Ziggy Marley, 3OH!3), Collins’ brother, singer-songwriter Nico Collins, and songwriter MONROE (Chelsea Collins’ “07 Britney”), The Lost Files EP chronicles the artist’s first romantic relationship.

The EP also holds great significance for Collins on an artistic level.

She explains:

These are the last batch of songs that I wrote when I was a teenager before getting signed, as well as the first batch of full songs that I wrote, recorded, and produced entirely by myself. I was told repeatedly that the production on these songs wasn’t good enough and that I should let a more experienced person (always a man) rework them. 

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