S/J’s “Love So Fierce” Is A Folk-Punk Anthem For His Autistic Son

S/J is the solo project of Folk/Punk musician Seth Jude Richard and he has released his debut single “Love So Fierce.” The highly personal track was recorded for his autistic son, and focuses on “the struggles he goes through in the world we live in.”

Seth Jude Richard, hails from south Louisiana but now lives in Florida. Growing up in a French-rich culture, his grandfather introduced him to Cajun French music and acoustic music at a very young age.

At the young age of 12, he entered the world of Punk Rock and started on what would be a long journey of touring and many musical experiences. Starting his own band, Layden and the Lion, (Little Rocket Records) he would record with Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, who would also produce and play drums on the record, The Lucky Ones.

He also played bass for Ten Foot Pole on the Escalating Quickly Tour a few years ago. After Covid, Richard decided to embark on a solo journey to release his upcoming debut album, Black Magnolias.

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