Melody Federer Says Falling In Love Is Easy, But “Falling Out” Isn’t

Texas-born music nomad Melody Federer has worked on her craft in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Nashville, Seattle, and then back to Nashville. Federer examines “how easy it is to fall in love, versus how difficult it is to fall out of it” with her new single with “Falling Out.” 

Proceeds from the single will be donated to the Mick Fleetwood Foundation to help those affected by the wildfires in Maiui. She has also announced her new album, Chapters from the Fairytale, to be released on September 22nd, 2023 via Licorice Pizza Records.

She explains:

It’s like we get sucked into this beautiful fantasy so fast, chemicals firing off in our brain, cheeks glowing, every love song come to life, aka ‘spring has sprung’—that magical phase that has inspired poets and musicians and painters and writers and dancers and every other human who’s been lucky enough to feel it since the dawn of time—and then…just like that, love can be over, your best friend is a stranger.

Your lover is an enemy. You’re ‘falling out’, with no wings or parachute to catch you, through dream you can’t wake yourself up from. And you just have to keep falling until you hit rock bottom. And you live there for a while. And every day feels unending. The longing gnaws at you. But you keep breathing somehow.  And hopefully, eventually, you get yourself up, brush the dirt off, and hope to have the courage to maybe someday try falling into the whole love thing again. It’s a dangerous, beautiful business, love. “Falling Out” started as an acoustic guitar song. Then it turned into a sort of synth-pop animal.

Federer has worked with a vast range of musicians, from Pop artists like P!nk and Hilary Duff, to Producers Plastik Funk and Gazzo. She’s written R&B tracks for Kelly Rowland, traditional Folk-Rock tunes for Jacob Whitesides, and crafted for the Jazz world likes of Michael Buble and Burt Bacharach

Coming off recent collaborations with Plastik Funk, Telykast, and SAMATHA, Federer has been preparing new solo material as a follow up to her 2017 debut album Where The Dogwoods Bloom. Throughout 2019, she released a number of singles including “The Song’s Gone Wrong,” “Someday,” “Midwest,” and “How’s Heaven Today?” for a series dubbed the #SinglesClub. 

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