The Dry County Crooks’ EP ‘Life, Love, And Death’ Opens A New Chapter For Them

Portland, Oregon-based Americana-Rock band The Dry County Crooks have released their EP Life, Love, and Death. The band cites Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and The Ramones as guidelines for their sound. The five-track collection consists of songs that “tackle regret, humility, love, pain, and hope.”

The quartet is fronted by Vinny D. (acoustic guitar/vocals), and rounded out by electric guitarist Paul Becker and bassist and backing vocalist Johnny “Blaze” Stanford.

Vinny, who struggled with addiction and mental health issues, which lead to the initial disbandment of the band in 2011 and reformation in 2019, is now sober and working as a Peer Support Specialist. They felt the time was right to reform the band, e-establish their name in the Northwest, and finally get back into the studio.

Vinny D. explains:

This EP is a long time coming. I started writing some of these songs a few years ago. Others came to fruition more recently.

Regarding the album’s title, he adds:

I think the title represents our mindset in this chapter of our lives. As we get older we understand better the meaning of gratitude, the importance of love, and that death can come without warning. We write and sing about lived experiences.  It’s the most honest approach you can take.  Life, Love, and Death and all points in between.

The band worked out all the songs live in the studio, and had their parts dialed in before recording started, so minimal overdubs were used, contributing to their live show sound on the record.

Upcoming Shows:

August 19th 10 to 11pm: Vinny & Paul semi acoustic set @ Haymaker Bar 1233 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

September 2nd 8pm:  EP Release show w/ The Shaken Growlers @ Slim’s Last Chance   5606 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

September 30th 8pm: EP Release show w/ Run And Tell That @ Wildwood Hotel  150 NE Main St, Willamina, OR 97396

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