Making The ‘It’s Not Me, It’s U’ EP Helped Rachel Bochner Take Charge Of Self-Worth

[Cover photo credit to Carina Allen]

Alt-pop artist Rachel Bochner has released her EP, It’s Not Me, It’s U, via Handwritten Records. The 6-track EP includes recent singles “Hard To Please,” “Here For The Drama,” “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It),” and “Sucker Punch,” as well as two brand new tracks, “You Don’t Want Me Like That” and “Men Like You.” 

Her songwriting “taps into the ups-and-downs of navigating heartbreak and self-discovery as a twenty-something woman in today’s world.”

Bochner shares:

‘It’s Not Me, It’s U’ is about how we try to make ourselves feel a little better through messy emotions and heartbreak, even if they aren’t the healthiest coping mechanisms. The project was inspired by highs and lows I’ve experienced – from the mental gymnastics I’ve done to justify avoiding blame to feeling empowered to speak up when someone does me dirty. Before I even realized it was happening, making this EP helped me learn to lean into my feelings, find humor in the darkness, and remember that I’m in charge of my self-worth.

Since making her debut in 2020, the New York-based singer and songwriter has gone on to release numerous singles as well as two EPs, 2AM and twenty something.

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