Milliseconds Re-Envisions A Sonic Landscape For ‘So This Is How It Happens’

[Cover photo credit to Evan Bowles]

Milliseconds featuring Joe Easley (drums) and Eric Axelson (vocals, bass, synth) of Indie Rock band The Dismemberment Plan, and Leigh Thompson (guitar, noises, pedal board) of The Vehicle Birth will release their J Robbins-produced debut LP So This Is How It Happens on October 13, 2023 via Spartan Records. The first single “Time and Distance” is out now.

The DNA of the Dismemberment Plan, The Vehicle Birth, and the trio’s prior band Statehood, are clearly present in the new album, but as a three-piece, part of the Milliseconds’ journey was re-envisioning the sonic landscape together, “trying to figure out how sonic space was filled or left open.”

A large portion of that experimentation took place during the production of the album with J Robbins. Milliseconds evolved and grew organically over time, and as a result, the band’s debut release covers a wide sonic territory “swerving not only through the band members’ previous projects, but also through the haunts of bands like the Replacements, Hot Snakes, and The Kinks.

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