“The Ghosts Are Coming Home” From CR And The Nones Is The First Release From Magic Door Records

New Jersey’s Alt-Rock band CR and the Nones have revealed “The Ghosts Are Coming Home” the title track of their upcoming album arriving September 8th, 2023, following lead single “The Long Game“. Mixed by Producer Ray Ketchem,(Guided By Voices, Luna, Versus, Elk City, Gramercy Arms) at Magic Door Recording Studio, this is the first released via Magic Door Record Label, co-founded with Guided By Voices’ Kevin March

Guitarist-songwriter Chris Gennone is no stranger to music, his former band having been CR and the Degenerates. The current band strives for a unique hybrid of Folk, Country, Punk, and heartland Rock.

Other band members include lead/slide guitarist Jim Abbott, and bassist John Dewitt. In 2020, CR and The Nones released their debut album Living In Fear via Favorite Friend Records.

CR Gennone says of the new track:

This is the oldest song on the record. I wrote it while I was recording ‘Living in Fear’, but it’s gone through a variety of different arrangements. The vibe just didn’t really fit with the rest of the songs and it felt like a good direction to go in for the next album.

It’s probably one of the most visual songs I’ve written. I was driving in my car and the lyrics and title came really fast, all at once. I had to pull over and put it in my phone. I had this overwhelming feeling at that moment in my life, that the chickens had come to roost. The ghosts are coming home.

While friends from the NYC and NJ music scenes contributed ideas and sounds to the new album, some influences are not as obvious. Gennone recalls listening to Brian Eno non-stop while recording “Ghosts” impacting the synth sounds and ambient textures that underpin much of the album.

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