The ‘Alexithymia’ EP From Collin Clowes Is A Postcard From A Place Of Disconnection

Canadian singer/songwriter and Producer Collin Clowes has released the new single and video “Cry” from his upcoming 6 track EP, Alexithymia, arriving on September 1st, 2023. The artist, who hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, completed recording the EP last Spring and sees the collection as an expression from a place of disconnection.

Clowes shares the following thoughts about the EP:

“Alexithymia is used as a term for someone who cannot describe their feelings & I knew instantly it’d be the perfect name for my new project. I think this word perfectly encapsulates my head space, especially while making this EP. It’s almost like a numbness or disconnection that I would love to explain to someone but I wouldn’t even know how or where to begin. I really think that making this EP helped me find more clarity in my mind.

The word “Alexithymia” sounded alien to me & that made me picture a planet in my mind where you’re alone just watching the world pass you by, wishing you could talk to people or explain yourself better. Almost like you’re isolated from a life you want to live. I designed the artwork to loosely look like a postcard from that place. 

I started recording these songs in 2022 & 2023, I wrote all of them at different times in my life but I like to think that they all play off of each other well. My favourites are track 1, 2 & 6 while the other 3 are me trying to challenge myself. These 3 were the hardest to produce & mix but I think they taught me lots through the whole process. 

I’m in no way a professional when it comes to making music, but sitting down creating a new song is my deepest love & I’m always so grateful to be healthy enough to spend time on recording & producing. It was a blast seeing the songs begin to take shape late at night during the winter while mixing. I’m sure most would disagree but I think there can be something special as well as intimate about a project made solely by one person & I truly hope that translates through the songs on Alexithymia. 

Overall, I’m proud of how the songs turned out, for now anyways. My hopes are that the project helps me get out of this place I’m at in life. Each time I release an EP, I learn a ton of stuff that I’m super grateful for. I also hope that the songs are good enough to connect with anyone who gives them a chance.” 

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